Permanently Offline

Thanks to all of you who participated and left comments on the daily questions.

I've decided that it's time to permanently sunset the blog for good.

Quite simply, it's just not fun anymore.

When I started it four years ago, it seems that the commenters were less judgmental and none of them ever attacked my intelligence or complained in the comments about the types of questions I asked.

Maybe it's the change in times, I don't know, but all the cynicism and arrogance, plus the trying to anticipate the questions I'm going to ask next, that showed up in many of the answers to my questions is just not fun to read.

If I were asking totally different questions than I'd asked in previous years, then it might explain some of the changes in replies.

However, I was using the same questions, and all that was different was the commenters.

Since the blog was supposed to be fun, and not become a chore, it makes sense to just bring it down permanently and concede to the fact that it's possible that the blog was made for four years ago and not now.

Thanks, again, and much success to everyone with everything you seek to accomplish.